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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Where can I park?2023-09-12T10:15:18+02:00

We recommend using public transport to get to and from the New Year’s Eve Trail.

Should you be arriving by car from other parts of Austria, you can use the Park & Ride facilities along the underground lines and switch to public transport there.

Are there any bans or constraints concerning private transport?2018-12-03T11:34:04+01:00

Driving any vehicles or sports equipment is generally prohibited throughout the entire premises. Apart from HGVs and cars, this also includes bicycles, scooters, Segways, inline skates, skateboards, roller skates, etc.

Traffic restrictions may also occur around the event location:
The Ringstrasse will already be closed off on the morning of 31 December due to the New Year’s Eve Run.

Are dogs allowed?2018-12-03T11:33:28+01:00

The entry of animals of any kind to the event premises is prohibited. The sole exception to this is designated guide or assistance dogs.

What should I do in case of emergency?2018-12-03T11:32:55+01:00

In situations of danger or in case of emergency, please immediately initiate an emergency call.
112 (Euro emergency)
122 (Fire)
133 (Police)
144 (Rescue/ambulance)

Please help injured persons and provide first aid. Try to always remain calm and pay attention to your own safety.

What articles are prohibited on the premises?2023-12-29T14:12:09+01:00

All weapons and objects that could be used as weapons are banned from the event premises. This includes sticks, bars, hazardous substances, pyrotechnic articles of any kind, flammable fluids, cans, glass bottles, PET bottles.

The carrying of alcoholic beverages as well as narcotic or addictive drugs is also prohibited. People who bring any of these items will be refused access to the site.

Furthermore, bringing any kind of racist, xenophobic, Nazi, sexist or political propaganda material as well as any advertising (commercial, political, religious) objects is strictly prohibited.

Strollers in the area of Stephansplatz, Graben, Kärntnerstraße in the period from 31.12.23, 22:00 to 1.1.24 03:00 and generally in crowded areas with a high density of people are prohibited.

Are there access controls?2023-12-29T14:12:32+01:00

Controls by the security staff are possible at any time at the entrances but also on the premises, where clothing and bags will be screened for hazardous or prohibited objects.

People who are carrying prohibited objects but also people who are strongly intoxicated or noticeably under the influence of drugs and who represent a threat to themselves or others may be denied access to the premises.

What safety precautions will be taken?2018-12-03T11:29:03+01:00

There will be security staff posted at all entrances to the event area and throughout the premises, who are authorised to carry out checks of persons and bags and to forcibly remove any visitors from the event who have violated the site regulations.

Furthermore, the entire area will be under video surveillance.

How can I find children or other people that I have lost?2023-09-12T10:22:11+02:00

Should you lose any accompanying persons or children in the crowd, please immediately contact the security staff.

Please also inform your children that they must turn to the security staff if you somehow become separated – or arrange a fixed meeting point.

Where can I retrieve lost objects?2018-12-03T11:27:23+01:00

Should you know or have an idea where you might have lost the respective object, please ask the security staff who are close by during the event.
After the end of the event, please refer to Vienna’s lost property office, which is where lost objects will be transferred.

Where are the first aid points located?2023-12-15T13:10:44+01:00

The first aid points in the city centre are located in the following places:

  • Am Hof, on the corner of Heidenschuss
  • Stephansplatz, on the corner of Churhausgasse
  • Neuer Markt, on the corner of Marco-d’Aviano-Gasse
  • Rathausplatz, on the corner of Löwelstraße

They are also marked on the map. In case of emergency, please immediately notify the security staff or initiate an emergency call: Euro emergency (112) or rescue/ambulance (144).

Where are the toilets located?2018-12-03T11:25:19+01:00

There are numerous stationary and mobile toilets throughout the entire event location. They are clearly signposted.

Please note that a fee might be charged for public toilet facilities that are not managed by the organiser.

What kind of food options are available on the New Year’s Eve Trail?2018-12-03T11:24:48+01:00

Various caterers will be caring for the physical well-being of visitors along Vienna’s New Year’s Eve Trail.

How does the deposit system work?2018-12-03T11:24:01+01:00

In order to do our bit to help protect the environment, the Vienna New Year’s Eve Trail has been serving beverages in returnable cups and reusable mugs for several years now. A deposit fee is added to the price of your beverage, which will be refunded to you provided that the mugs and cups are returned undamaged.

The cups with various lucky motifs also make the perfect souvenir.

Do I need to bring my own food and beverages?2018-12-03T11:23:29+01:00

No, various caterers will be taking care of your needs on the New Year’s Eve Trail.

Please note that the resale of food and beverages is prohibited.

Can I bring pyrotechnic products to the New Year’s Eve Trail and use them?2023-09-12T10:59:06+02:00

No, the carrying and setting off of fireworks, firecrackers or any other pyrotechnic articles is prohibited for safety reasons. The only exception to this is sparklers, which may be ignited while keeping an appropriate distance to people and objects.

How do I get to the New Year’s Eve Trail?2023-12-27T11:47:56+01:00

We advise all visitors to travel to and from the New Year’s Eve Trail with public transport. All U-Bahns as well as several bus and tram lines will be running services all night long. You can find a list of them in the printed programme folder or at www.wienerlinien.atIn order to better organise your arrival and departure, please use the route planner by Wiener Linien or their app WienMobil.

Where can I buy tickets for the New Year’s Eve Trail?2023-09-12T11:00:18+02:00

The New Year’s Eve Trail is a public event. There is no need to purchase any kind of ticket.

Is there an entrance fee for the New Year’s Eve Trail?2023-09-12T11:02:10+02:00

No, admission to the New Year’s Eve Trail is free. This makes the Vienna New Year’s Eve Trail one of Europe’s biggest public New Year’s Eve celebrations.

When will the New Year’s Eve Trail take place?2023-12-17T08:20:53+01:00

The New Year’s Eve Trail starts on 31 December 2023 at 2.00 pm and ends on 1 January 2024 at 2.00 am. On New Year’s Day at 11.15 am, the New Year’s Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will be transmitted live from the Wiener Musikverein to the Stephansplatz and the Winter Market at Riesenradplatz in Prater. You can find out more about this under the menu item Programme.