Project Description

Teinfaltstraße – Street of Luck

14:00 – 02:00 – Teinfaltstraße

Ticket to luck

Fortune-telling is probably as old as humanity itself. One method of telling the future is card-reading, which really took off at the end of the 18th century. People used to resort to Lenormand, Gypsy, Kipper or Tarot cards to find answers to questions or to divine trends. Cartomancy is back in fashion and is more popular than ever. One more reason to have one’s cards read on the New Year’s Eve Trail and uncover one’s personal lucky card for 2020.

A peek into the future?

Who wouldn’t want to take a peek into the future to see what fate has in store? And what better time to find out what’s coming your way next year than on New Year’s Eve?

The fortune-tellers haul the distant future into the present and uncover what or whom to expect in 2020. Whatever is in store, it is sure to be magical!

A peek into the stars

Believe in it – or not. But these astrologers do not just work on belief. Rather, they use their extensive knowledge of celestial bodies and a combination of science, calculation, and also intuition to derive and recognise fascinating constellations. After a visit to the astrology fortune hut, it will be very clear which zodiac sign will be on the fast track in 2020.

The right vibration

The pendulum speaks its own language, and it always provides straightforward answers. If it swings to the right and horizontally, that stands for “Yes” and positive energy. Should the pendulum decide to swing to the left and form a circle to the left, that represents a “No” and negative energy. Sounds exciting? It is! On the Viennese New Year’s Eve Trail, it won’t take long to find out in which direction the pendulum will swing in the New Year.